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Marketing Flyer

Building Amenities & Features

  • Renovated in 2015 & 2020: includes new on-site amenities, updated lobbies, common areas and restrooms

  • 5.0:1,000 Structured Garage Parking

  • Conferencing center offered free of charge with media equipment and wireless, high-speed internet access

  • Tenant Lounge offered free of charge with soft seating and breakroom

  • Fitness Facility offered free of charge

  • Food Service provided via a Grab-n-Go Deli, Foodbsy deliveries, and Fooda

  • On-site Property management

  • Veritex Bank drive-thru and ATM

  • Booster Fuels, an app-based service to pump gas in office parking lots

  • 24/7 security staff

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